Who are these people anyway?

By the iguana team

Our hiring period has passed but we’re still looking for authors to contribute content to the iguana! Working with our editorial team is a great opportunity to learn about a wide range of research, to participate in the iSchool community and to collaborate with some wonderful people. If you submit to the iguana, here are some of the characters you’ll be working with:

  • Caitlin MacLeod is a second year MI student in Culture and Technology and Critical Information Policy Studies (CIPS). She spent this summer working as a library assistant at U of T, and is an excellent person to talk to if you ever want to hear someone get way too excited about how technologies shape our identities and relationships.
  • Tristan Smyth. Second year MI. CIPS and thesis student. Man of mystery and Netflix researcher. Rumoured to be three squirrels in a (bespoke) trench coat.
  • Erica Friesen, iJournal Editor-in-Chief: Erica divides her time at the iSchool between CIPS and LIS, and spent her summer in a co-op placement at Goodmans LLP. She has a difficult time narrowing down her academic interests at the iSchool, which is why she loves being part of the iJournal and is eager to see what students have to blog about this year!

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