But wait! There’s more!

By the iguana team

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the iguana but there’s been lots in the works behind the scenes. The iguana is very excited to welcome three new team members on board, and so we have some more introductions to make:

  • Glyneva Bradley-Ridout is a first year MI student, concentrating on Library and Information Science (LIS) and Information Systems Design (ISD). After working for several years as an archaeologist, she is interested in the ways that information systems can be used to engage communities in cultural heritage. She is excited about joining the iguana team and looks forward to learning more about the iSchool community!
  • Taylor Lemaire is a first year LIS student, also enrolled in the Book History & Print Culture collaborative program. She is interested in the figure of librarian as poet/poet as librarian. She also writes her own poetry, but will not make you read it (unless you really want to).
  • Alyssa Trudeau is a second year Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) candidate. She is very interested in pursuing a career in Interpretive Planning and Exhibitions. Her most recent research interests include the presentation of difficult knowledge via museum/gallery exhibitions and art crime. New to the city, Alyssa is currently on the hunt for the best tacos in Toronto!

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