Upcoming Events

By Juneval

We all appreciate Kathleen O’Brien and Christine Chan’s weekly mailing lists but, bless their hearts, they somehow missed one of the best upcoming events at the iSchool! Here, to fill in the gap, is this week’s under-reported iSchool event:

Matt Ratto’s Toga Party

Professor Matt Ratto invites students to critically unmake their beds and join him in the Semaphore Lab for a toga party. “Just to warn you but these parties tend to get outta hand,” says Ratto, running his hand through his luxurious hair. “Of course we can’t have alcohol but,” and here he drops his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, “I have more Dr. Pepper than a grown man could conceivably explain.” Ratto begins to suggest that his toga party is actually inspired by feminist theory before staring out the window for 45 seconds. “From an environmental perspective,” he continues, “I felt it was necessary to 3D print all the Dixie cups so, technically, this party has been nearly four and half weeks in the making!” The party will begin at 7pm in the Semaphore Lab this Saturday and will only end when a student is able to defeat Ratto in a Dance Dance Revolution level of his choosing. “When I get the sugar legs, I’m unstoppable,” boasts Ratto, “expect it to be a very long night!”

Professor Ratto requests that no mention of the party be made to Professor Sara Grimes who insists on buying vegetable trays and wandering the party with a garbage bag cleaning up and asking people nearby “Does anybody knows whose cup this is?”

Are you Juneval? Please, don’t tell us. We here at the iguana choose to believe that we really truly have a first century poet writing for us from across the millennia. 

Do you have something to say about fake news? What is your information professional perspective on attempting to ban it? Voice your opinion in the comments or submit a post of your own at submissions.theigunana@gmail.com!


One thought on “Upcoming Events

  1. This is the most brilliant blog post I have ever seen. I would pay actual money for this to be a real thing. A+, perfection.


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