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Tristan’s Top Ten GIFs from the Office That Describe Being Back at the iSchool After the Holidays

So you’re back at the iSchool for your final semester or maybe your second or maybe seventh (no judgement here). Still heavy from gorging yourself over the holidays and moderately rejuvenated to tackle school, here’s a reminder of what it’s like to be back…

10. Seeing your friends again..


9. The first parties in the Inforum before the schoolwork gets hectic…


8. On the spot having to introduce yourself to the class and provide an interesting fact…


7. When the first class goes longer than an hour and the professor actually starts talking about the readings…


6. In a class outside of your concentration and having to make new friends…


5. Realizing you need to take some iSkills or Professional Development workshops…


4. When you get to class and find out that they changed the professor…


3. Having to lay down the ground rules when the professor randomly assigns the groups…


2. Sitting through a lecture and realizing that you still have holiday brain…


1. But deep down what it’s really like to be back…



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