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What is this “Contributor” business anyway?

By the Iguana team

The Iguana is trying something new for 2017: contributor columns! At its very simplest, this means added recognition for our writers: not only do you get published, you also get a fancy title, your name on our masthead, and a shiny new entry for your CV. In return, we ask that you commit to a certain number of posts over the course of the term. Sign up by February 3rd by emailing us at with the number of posts you want do and a couple words about what you are planning for your column. We are very excited about this new aspect to the blog, and we hope you are too!

Sounds great, but what do I write?

We hope that having a column will make it easier to know what you want to post about: maybe you want to write about your Information Workshops so that everyone knows to switch into it for the second half, or maybe you want to share your experiences from your Practicum or Co-op placement. Your course blogging is a column in the making and what is a media analysis if not a blog post in the making?

Looking to do something else? Consider interviewing the information professionals in your life: your boss, your professors, your research or placement supervisors, or anyone else you might know. Did you meet some great new contacts at the Employer Showcase? Sitting down with them for an informational interview is a great way to build those professional relationships – just make sure whoever you are interviewing knows you are going to publish and has given permission! Consider reviewing the books you read this term or writing about the iSchool events you attend. The sky’s the limit, and our meeting on Wednesday, January 25th is a great time to brainstorm more ideas.

Can I still submit past work?

Yes! At its simplest, a column is just a commitment to send us a certain number of posts over the term. If you have posts from class blogs, short assignments, or anything else you’ve created and would like to see published, please send it! One of our editors will help you get that coursework ready to share with the iSchool community. And of course, we are still taking one-off submissions!

But I have coursework!

We know – and we’d love to see that coursework published! In the meantime, pick a number of posts that you think is realistic for you: twice by April? Once a month? Weekly or bi-weekly? The number is up to you: we just need to know how many you’re planning so that we can get planning too!

What’s in it for me?

Fame and glory! Who doesn’t want to get some publications under their belt while they’re in grad school? And if you contribute multiple posts in the term, you’ll get your name on out masthead and an official “Contributor” title too!

Want to share your writing far and wide and build up your professional presence? Not only can you share links to your posts on social media – you can share the full text too! Just be sure to include a link back to its original home on the Iguana. Your LinkedIn is going to look so great!

Now what?

Sign up by February 3rd! Contact us at to ask questions, suggest columns or sign up as a contributor.

Submitting is as simple as sending your piece to


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