About the iguana

The iguana is an academic blog affiliated with the iJournal at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information. The iguana aims to provide an open space for ideas, opinions, and discussion on diverse topics relevant to the study of information.

Ideas expressed in iguana posts reflect the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the iguana editorial team, the iJournal editorial board, the iSchool or the University of Toronto; we encourage you to voice your opinion in the comments section of each posting or submit a post of your own at submissions.theigunana@gmail.com.

The iguana editorial team:

  • Glyneva Bradley-Ridout, Junior Editor
  • Taylor Lemaire, Junior Editor
  • Caitlin MacLeod, Managing Editor
  • Alyssa Trudeau, Junior Editor
  • Tristan Smyth, Managing Editor

Why an iguana? As students of information in an interdisciplinary institution, it is imperative that we investigate the implications of our information society in an inclusive manner, including in informal and intuitive ways. The iguana, a keen sighted omnivorous genus of lizard, has a third eye* on the top of its head and so is a fitting namesake for this Internet extension of the iJournal and iSchool community.

*technically its a light-sensing organ that cannot detect details, just brightness, but that’s not nearly as punny.