Tristan’s Top Ten Hardest Parts of Dealing with Mental Health Issues

The mental reprieve of reading week is gone, and now we’re left with the long haul until the end of the semester. Burn out. Stress. Depression. Anxiety. Self harm. Eating disorders. Psychological issues are common in university students. Sometimes, it is cathartic to laugh at our struggles. FYI, if you are feeling super bummed, the … Continue reading

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High-tech security does not always equal highly successful security for museums

By Sydney Stewart Rose I will always have a soft spot for movies like Oceans 12 or The Thomas Crowne Affair. These on-screen museum heists were dramatic, high-tech thefts of professional caliber. They often involve bypassing laser fields and pressure sensors or fooling a retinal scan. To museum professionals, an intricate, dramatic, and high-tech burglary … Continue reading