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Technological Determinism, Dystopian Worldviews, and Narrative Fallacy

By Michelle Johnstone Writers aware of utopian and dystopian responses to technology tend to be cautious in applying a prophetic spin when writing about technological innovation (Kling 1996). Jenna Wortham, a journalist for The New York Times, forgoes this caution in her “On Technology” essay, “How Alexa Fits into Amazon’s Prime Directive” (2017). The article … Continue reading


Tristan’s Top Ten Pokemon Gifs Summarizing Trump’s Ascendance to Power

10. When Trump announced he’s running… versus when we realized he had a chance… 9. Trump’s policies during the campaign… 8. During the primaries, the debates were like… But by October, the Clinton and Trump were like… 7. Watching the Presidency change hands… 6. Trump’s inner advisory council of family members… 5. Sean Spicer’s press briefings… 4. … Continue reading