Tristan’s Top Ten Shows on Netflix to Distract You from Your Responsibilities

As I prepared to write another Top Ten this past weekend… okay, let’s be honest, I wasn’t preparing at all. I was avoiding it by rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the millionth time, and it struck me that many might be interested in some good TV shows on Canadian Netflix. So, here’s a list of some, hopefully, new shows you should check out instead of binging your old favs. As an honourable mention, you should watch the film, Top Five, because, you know, it fits with this theme.

10. Science Fiction: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (176 episodes)
Why: in case you want your escapism to focus on the politics of a people recently freed from tyrannical rule and a galaxy about to devolve into intergalactic war.

9. Historical: The Hour (12 episodes)
Why: you want to supplement your intake of fake news and alternative facts with stories about global crises in the 1950s and the start of serious television news journalism on the BBC.


8. Kind Of Historical?: Danger 5 (13 episodes)
Why: you enjoy the weird timeline anachronisms of Archer and a healthy dosage of campiness, as Australian spies attempt to assassinate Hitler in the 1960s.

7. Multicultural Family Drama: The Fosters (62 episodes)
Why: you enjoyed family dramas like 7th HeavenGilmore Girls, and Parenthood but longed for something more than tokenistic diversity. Your wish is granted, and here is The Fosters about an interracial lesbian couple and their kids.

6. Murder Mystery: Rectify (30 episodes)
Why: you got into Making a Murderer last year or just really like true-crime podcasts and want to watch some of the most emotionally devastating acting of the past decade on television.

5. Dramedy: Jane the Virgin (58 episodes)
Why: you want to watch a high quality soap opera about a likable main character, Jane, who was saving herself for marriage who gets accidentally get artificially inseminated by an alcoholic gynecologist who used the sperm of her now infertile millionaire brother, who also happens to be Jane’s boss. Don’t worry, I spoiled nothing. That’s just the first 10 minutes of the pilot.

4. Supernatural: Angel (110 episodes)
Why: you really liked Buffy but never gave Angel a chance. Also, you should check out Supernatural if you haven’t yet, or if you gave up on it in, like, season 4 because IT’S STILL ON THE AIR SOMEHOW.

3. Zombies: iZombie /The Returned (32 episodes/ 8 episodes)
Why: you like The Walking Dead but maybe less blood please. If you liked Veronica Mars, check out iZombie, and  if you liked Lost, watch The Returned. No, watch the French version with the subtitles, you lazy bum. Not the crappy American remake.

2. Sitcom: Scrubs/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air/Friends/Full House/The Office (many many episodes)
Why: you’ve lived under a rock and haven’t seen any of these iconic sitcoms on Netflix. Okay fine, I haven’t watched two of them either.


1. Reality: Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover (20 episodes)
Why: you want to watch Anthony Bourdain drink copious amounts of alcohol as he waits for his flight in different cities around the world (including Toronto!).



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