Mission Statement

To provide an open space for ideas, opinions, and discussion on diverse topics relevant to the study of information, and to highlight work by students and faculty members from the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto.

Although the iSchool is an interdisciplinary community, it often offers limited opportunity for students to engage with research and ideas outside their own discipline. By providing an accessible digital platform, the iguana aims to promote a more collaborative research environment, while fostering interdisciplinary interest and a sense of mutual understanding.

The iguana is affiliated with the Faculty’s peer-reviewed student journal, the iJournal, and was born out of an understanding that the world of scholarly publishing must evolve to meet the needs of researchers in an increasingly digital age. While we recognize the value of more traditional scholarly publications, digital platforms provide an important opportunity to more fully engage audiences both within our academic community and beyond.

By publishing information in a brief and accessible format, the iguana aims to promote information research in a way that is accessible across disciplines, and to support a greater global exchange of knowledge.