Tristan’s Top Ten Shows on Netflix to Distract You from Your Responsibilities

As I prepared to write another Top Ten this past weekend… okay, let’s be honest, I wasn’t preparing at all. I was avoiding it by rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the millionth time, and it struck me that many might be interested in some good TV shows on Canadian Netflix. So, here’s a list of some, hopefully, … Continue reading

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High-tech security does not always equal highly successful security for museums

By Sydney Stewart Rose I will always have a soft spot for movies like Oceans 12 or The Thomas Crowne Affair. These on-screen museum heists were dramatic, high-tech thefts of professional caliber. They often involve bypassing laser fields and pressure sensors or fooling a retinal scan. To museum professionals, an intricate, dramatic, and high-tech burglary … Continue reading


Technological Determinism, Dystopian Worldviews, and Narrative Fallacy

By Michelle Johnstone Writers aware of utopian and dystopian responses to technology tend to be cautious in applying a prophetic spin when writing about technological innovation (Kling 1996). Jenna Wortham, a journalist for The New York Times, forgoes this caution in her “On Technology” essay, “How Alexa Fits into Amazon’s Prime Directive” (2017). The article … Continue reading