ABCs of iSchool

By the iguana team

You may notice a lot of acronyms on the iguana but we’ll do out best to always tell you what they mean. We’ve got a list started; please, suggest more terms or explanations in the comments!

  • iSchool – Faculty of Information, at the University of Toronto
  • MI – Master of Information
  • MMSt – Master of Museum Studies
  • MISC – Master of Information Student Council
  • MUSSA – Master of Museum Studies Student Council
  • FIAA – Faculty of Information Alumni Association


  • ARM – Archives & Records Management
  • CIPS – Critical Information Policy Studies
  • C&T – Culture & Technology:
  • ISD – Information Systems Design
  • KMIM – Knowledge Management & Information Management
  • LIS – Library and Information Science
  • UXD – User Experience Design

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